Welcome to Radar Trading BV

Radar Trading BV is a privately owned commodities’ trading business based in Amsterdam.
We specialize in the trading of the physical metals markets for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, with a view to expanding further into the grains and used lubricating oils markets over time.

Our aim is to become one of the leading commodities brokerage businesses in Europe, through meeting the diverse requirements of our European customers. We operate in many varied industries, however our main areas of expertise is providing raw materials, whether for the construction industry, fabrication plants or the other diverse industries that we supply.

We are able to source materials from either our existing stocks located around Europe or from our European processing partners, enabling our business to supply any type or quantity of material to our European customers.

We believe that all business partnerships should be bespoke, and should be designed to meet our partner’s needs. We act as a strictly unbiased intermediary and offer a full execution service, including the transportation and storage of materials. Through building these exceptional business partnerships and delivering high levels of service, we have been able to assist our clients in increasing their performance and reducing their costs.


The company trades base metals such as Aluminum, Copper, Nickel and Zinc.
All of the metals trading take place over the counter (OTC). Radar Trading is able to satisfy the needs of producers and consumers in Europe and aims to be an integral part of the metal supply chain in Europe.

Most base metals are traded internationally on the London Metal Exchange, with smaller stockpiles and metals exchanges monitored by the COMEX and NYMEX exchanges in the United States and the Shanghai Futures Exchange in China.

The extensive use of Aluminum only began once an inexpensive method for distilling was discovered. It is extremely light, pliable, has high conductivity and is resistant to rust and consequently it has become the most extensively used metal. Our extensive range of Aluminum trading encompasses all commercial scrap grades Primary and secondary quality grades.

Copper was the first mineral to be extracted from the earth and along with tin gave rise to the Bronze Age. One of its main industrial usages is for the production of cable, wire and electrical products for both the electrical and building industries. The arrival of electric cars has increased the usage of copper over the past year and it is expected to be a solid growth metal in the near future. We trade all commercial scrap grades, we also trade Copper Master Alloys, Nickel Copper alloys, and hybrid Copper Alloys.

In the mid-18th century, primary nickel was first isolated as a separate metal. It was found that by combining primary nickel with steel, the durability and strength of the steel increased significantly as did its resistance to corrosion.

This partnership has remained and the production of stainless steel is now the single largest consumer of primary nickel today. We have many trading partners for this material either as volume or niche suppliers. We also trade Chrome Iron material.

Zinc is commonly mined as a co-product with standard lead and both metals have growing core markets for their consumption. Its main market is galvanizing, which accounts for almost half its modern-day demand.